Heritage Syrup Festival, Henderson TX 2016

This past weekend November 12th, 2016 we attended the Henderson, TX Annual Heritage Syrup Festival. As always, it’s a great time to be enjoy by the whole family. With tons of events, displays and demonstrations there is sure to be something intriguing for everyone. There are folks who come from afar to attend the annual event. We met people from as far away as Georgia and I am sure there were a number of people from further away.

We spend most of our time in the area around the railroad depot as that is where you will find most all of the old rustic traditions and of course what the festival is named for … syrup making.

Sugar Cane

Sugar cane cut and ready for processing

As you can see from the pic, the process in the most simple form is the collection of the cane, the thrashing of the cane to break it all up and then the cooking process where the famous Ribbon Cane Syrup is finally created.


Use of horse and equipment to thrash the cane

And around the countryside here in NE Texas, its not unusual to see cane cooking setups. We have one in our community within a mile of the house. Its unfortunate but a lot of cooksets are no longer ran as the cooks have become too elderly or passed on without another generation in the family taking up the craft.


The cooking process of the cane

If the processing of cane into syrup isn’t your thing or the misses says that’s a man thing then how about some broom making.

Along with this and many more things you will find a lot of cotton spinning and blacksmith working their trades.






Two of the things that Kindred Spirits Bushcraft enjoys the most since we are into it as well are spoon carving and basket weaving.




You are sure to have a grand ole time if you can make it out to the Annual Heritage Syrup Festival in Henderson, TX each year.

It is always held on the second Saturday of November. I think that’s because they didn’t want to buy new signs each year with new dates, lol. For real though, we’d love to see you next year and we think you will really enjoy it.

For a grand ole bushcraft learning experience, come to the next Annual Heritage Festival in Henderson, Texas.