On the Bench Nov. 20, 2016

Leather Bushcraft Spice Kit

Today we’ve been working on another leather spice kit designed with the bushcrafter in mind. Put whatever spices you want in the four corked bottles and throw in your backpack so you can spice up those suppers in the bush a little more.


As you will notice, these are totally hand made and stitched. I put stitching between each bottle so they are completely wrapped by soft leather. That ensures there is no glass on glass contact when the leather spice pouch is bounced around on those backcountry bushcraft trips.


The finish was done in an antique leather  trying to create an older, more worn piece of leather – look. Of course as you can see antique brass button hardware was used. The corked bottles inside were purchased from Specialty Bottle and is their 5/8 ounce or 5 dram corked bottle. They are kind of pricey at .85 cents a piece and the shipping is tough to swallow in small orders. I understand its probably a good bit of packing required to get glass here unharmed so I am not complaining. If anyone does happen to have a source for these bottles from somewhere else, I’d sure appreciate knowing about it.


Kindred Spirits Bushcraft is a hobbyist shop. We never want to turn our love for bushcrafting into a job with requirements that must be met or expectations to be fulfilled so you will find these listed on our products page under Leatherwork as they become available.

Don’t want to buy one from us, or anyone else for that matter? Great, well stay tuned in the next couple weeks as a step by step tutorial on creating one of the leather spice kits will be made available on here.